Deadlines for applications:

1st phase: 2023-02-24 to 2023-04-21

2nd phase: 2023-07-17 to 2023-07-25


  • National students

    Full time: 1300€ /year

    Part-time: (38 – 40,5 ECTS) *: 1040€ /year

  • International Students

    Full time: 4500€ /year

    Part-time (38 – 40,5 ECTS) *: 3600€ /year

  • International Students (from CPLP)

    Full time: 2475€ / year

    Part-time (38 – 40,5 ECTS) *: 1980€ / year


  1. For the admission of the application, candidates must have a bachelor degree or equivalent, awarded by a national or international academic institution in the areas of life and health sciences, mathematics, computer science, IT, science and information technology or similar areas.
  2. When duly substantiated and after curriculum evaluation, the scientific committee of the study cycle may admit holders of other bachelor degrees or other foreign university degrees, as long as the curriculum demonstrates an adequate level of scientific knowledge.

Documents to submit with application

  • Identification document (identity card; citizen card; passport) or Declaration of Identification Data (Mandatory)
  • Declaration of consent for submission of identification documents (mandatory if a copy of ID has been submitted)
  • Tax number card (mandatory, if you have not submitted a copy of your ID card)
  • Bachelor Degree Certificate, indicating your final average, expressed from 0 to 20 values and rounded to the nearest units (mandatory)
  • Master’s and/or Doctoral Degree certificate, if applicable (optional)
  • Curriculum Vitae (mandatory)
  • Scientific Curriculum (mandatory)
  • Curriculum of relevant work experience for the application (mandatory)
  • Other relevant documents for the application (optional)
  • Letter of interest (optional)

For further information on fees and amounts for part-time registrations (depending on the ECTS), go to Sigarra and check the table of fees here.